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Links AUSSIE HUTS Link to my Aussie Huts page comprising images of mostly cattlemens/refuge huts from the Vic, and NSW "High Country". Worth a browse, even for those only mildly-interested ;) Some Videos A few videos, some funny, some wacky, some boring Slideshows Links to some slideshows, with background music Drone Videos Links to some Drone videos (world-wide) , mostly Youtube

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HOLIDAYS (SE-ASia) Some holiday collections, mainly SE Asia , since 2006 Bali Some Bali holiday collections, since 2006 Thailand Some Thailand holiday collections, since 2006 Malaysia Malaysia ,2017 (May) Langkawi/Thailand , 2017 (Feb) Langkawi, NW Malaysia, 2009. Vietnam (Thailand) Vietnam (Thailand), 2016 Cambodia (Thailand) [2017 Jul ] : Cambodia, 21-24; Thailand 26-31 Malaysia (Bali) Bali - Malaysia Aug/Sep, 2017
TRAVELS Travels around OZ, USA, UK Australia Bike trip around OZ (1988), WA (1987, 2007, 2013) USA Backpacking, 2005 Colorado tour UK Cornwall coastal walk
PEOPLE Celebrities I have known Elite-Celebs The whole gang Dorrells-in-OZ Peter and Margaret in OZ; 2017 , and 2006 Craig-n-Tahl Some pix of them I copied off the WEB - with permission from Craig.
BAIRNSDALE- General Bairnsdale; where I've lived since 2001. General stuff Annual-Shows Annual Shows (2012 etc Dogs ! Cakes ! Its all here !) Toy-Runs Toy Runs ( Bad-Bikies pay off their "Debt to Society" ! Good Stuff ) Fire-n-Rain Restless Nature in East Gippsland Extras Bits-n-Pieces
BAIRNSDALE- Personal Bairnsdale; where I've lived since 2001. Personal stuff Home-Stuff Mostly "For-The-Record" - for me Local-Trips Some trips from Bairnsdale ; worth a look !
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