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Links AUSSIE HUTS Link to my Aussie Huts page comprising images of mostly cattlemens/refuge huts from the Vic, and NSW "High Country". Worth a browse, even for those only mildly-interested ;) Some Videos A few videos, some funny, some wacky, some boring Slideshows Links to some slideshows, with background music Drone Videos Links to some Drone videos (world-wide) , mostly Youtube

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HOLIDAYS (SE-ASia) Some holiday collections, mainly SE Asia , since 2006 Thailand-Cambodia [2017 Jul ] : Cambodia, 21-24; Thailand 26-31 Thailand-Vietnam Thailand-Vietnam, 2016 Thailand Some Thailand holiday collections, since 2006 Bali-Malaysia Bali - Malaysia Aug/Sep, 2017 Bali Some Bali holiday collections, since 2006 Malaysia Malaysia ,2017 (May) Langkawi/Thailand , 2017 (Feb) Langkawi, NW Malaysia, 2009.
TRAVELS Travels around OZ, USA, UK Australia Bike trip around OZ (1988), WA (1987, 2007, 2013) USA Backpacking, 2005 Colorado tour UK Cornwall coastal walk
PEOPLE Celebrities I have known Elite-Celebs The whole gang Dorrells-in-OZ Peter and Margaret in OZ; 2017 , and 2006 Craig-n-Tahl Some pix of them I copied off the WEB - with permission from Craig.
BAIRNSDALE- General Bairnsdale; where I've lived since 2001. General stuff Annual-Shows Annual Shows (2012 etc Dogs ! Cakes ! Its all here !) Toy-Runs Toy Runs ( Bad-Bikies pay off their "Debt to Society" ! Good Stuff ) Fire-n-Rain Restless Nature in East Gippsland Extras Bits-n-Pieces
BAIRNSDALE- Personal Bairnsdale; where I've lived since 2001. Personal stuff Home-Stuff Mostly "For-The-Record" - for me Local-Trips Some trips from Bairnsdale ; worth a look !
NENG Mrs "Pumpkin" - her story Thailand-Neng In Thailand ... In-OZ In OZ ; when she was visiting me Family Sons and daughters

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