Some hut collections on my Picasa WEB page :-

My Picasa WEB Hut Albums Huts (NSW) Huts (VIC) Huts (SNOW) Huts (VIDEOS)

The movie clips below have been created from hut and other slides on my Picasa page.
They have background music, sub-titles (ie captions) and render in a Ken-Burns Effect fashion (slow pan and zoom).
I created them as an experiment in some idle moments over the 2010/2011 New Year using Picasa's 'Movie' tool.

WARNING !! They are LARGE (>100MB) and if viewed often, can gobble up large chunks of your download limits!

Note: up until now (02 Jan 2011), Picasa WEB doesn't allow downloading videos/movies so its therefore not possible to burn a CD from them.
(However I may be willing to burn a CD for anyone who asks nicely :-)

Picasa movies Snow Huts (NSW) Snow Huts (VIC) Bushfires_2003(Movie)