Some WEB-videos, taken from drones, around the world
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FINLAND Baby-Shark Doo-Da-DOO Well worth some promotion ! 'Shake It, Naemi!' MAP
ARGENTINA Iguazu Falls Spectacular waterfall ("Best in World ?") MAP 25Jan18
AUSTRALIA The Gap (Albany WA) Once connected to Antarctica ! MAP
AUSTRALIA Albany Wind Farm A 3 mile walk , in 1950 , over those then desolate hills MAP
AUSTRALIA Kimberley Coast Interesting footage of coastal waterfalls, surging currents MAP
AUSTRALIA Bungle Bungles Amazing eroded rock formations ; In the Kimberleys MAP 15Jan18
AUSTRALIA Dales Gorge - Wittenoom WA I was here - as an 8yo - in 1950 . No Drones ! MAP
AUSTRALIA Sydney Opera House White Fellas 'sacred sight' ? MAP
AUSTRALIA 12 Apostles Limestone stacks on Victorias SW coast MAP
AUSTRALIA Hanging Rock Great place for a "Picnic.." ; ' Speak to me , Miranda ! MAP 12May18
AUSTRALIA Mt Hotham - Razorback Walk along Razorback to Mt Feathertop MAP
AUSTRALIA Tasmania Cradle mountain ; start of "Overland Walk (southwards) " MAP
CAMBODIA Angkor Wat "Mrs Pumpkin" and I went there in 2017 MAP
CANADA Lake Louise In Banff NP MAP 27Jan18
CHINA Guilin Southern China; Famous for its beautiful karst mountains MAP
CZECH REPUBLIC "Land of Stories" More stunning European scenery MAP
EASTER ISLAND Rapa Nui Ah, those mysterious stone visages (what do they know ?) MAP
EGYPT Pyramids at Giza with some Western architecture in backgound MAP
ETHIOPIA Ethiopia from the air MAP 09Jan18
FRANCE Eiffel Tower ; Paris Famous Parisian Landmark MAP
FRANCE Mt Blanc Near Swiss border ... MAP
FRANCE Mt Blanc region Aiguille du Midi MAP
GREECE The Parthenon (Athens) In c1970 I walked inside it ; now only for oligarchs ? MAP
GREECE Santorini Island erupted in 1600BC wiping out the Minoans on nearby Crete MAP
ICELAND Somewhere ... Waterfalls ? In Iceland ?? MAP
INDONESIA BALI : Amed On the east coast, with volcano Mt Agung nearby MAP
INDONESIA BALI : Mt Agung On the rim of the volcano in 2016 - before it rumbled mid-2017 MAP
INDONESIA BALI : Besakir Bali's most sacred temple; on slopes of Mt Agung volcano MAP 12May18
INDONESIA LOMBOK: Mt Rinjani 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia MAP
INDONESIA BALI : Tanalot Tanalot sea-temple , 40 ks West of Kuta MAP
INDONESIA BALI : Ulu Watu Ulu Watu sea-temple , 30 ks South of Kuta MAP 30Nov18
INDONESIA BoroBudur 1200 yo Buddhist temple, near Yogyakarta, central Java MAP
MALAYSIA Petronas Towers in KL (by Night) MAP 09Jan18
MALAYSIA Perhentian Islands Been there, done that (2017) MAP
MALAYSIA Langkawi Temerun waterfalls - near Sky Bridge (but lower) MAP
NEW ZEALAND Mt Cook In the South Island MAP
NORWAY Where the Trolls come from " Don't Feed Them !" MAP 09Jan18
PATAGONIA Way down South America Mountains and Glaciers (+ Cerro Torre) MAP
PERU Machu Pichu Way up in the clouded Andes MAP 07Jan18
SLOVENIA Wow! Great scenery Sorta near Greece ( I think ;) MAP
SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town Mostly from Table Mountain MAP 05Feb18
THAILAND Hua_Hin Pleasant sea-side resort 150 ks SW of Bangkok MAP 27Aug18
THAILAND Koh Samui Went there with Neng in 2007. Noice ! MAP
THAILAND Ao Nang /Krabi This shows why I'm a regular visitor there MAP
THAILAND Ao Nang to Railay Ao Nang / Krabi is my fav Thai coastal resort MAP
THAILAND Phi Phi Must-visit island between Phuket and Krabi MAP
THAILAND Koh Lipe Popular island just N of Langkawi (Malaysia) MAP
THAILAND Golden Triangle North Thailand, on Mekong River ; Thailand, Burma, Laos MAP
UK Cotswolds Famed bit of that 'green and pleasant land' (UK) MAP 17Jul18
UK Lands End Great shots of "The Armed Knight", and 'Enys Dodnan' MAP
UK Lake District Helvellyn and Striding Edge MAP
UK Cornwall Old tin mine ruins etc MAP
USA Bryce Canyon Less a canyon but more like escarpment erosion MAP 26Jan18
USA Niagara Falls Best viewed from a drone (or Honeymooners hotel !) MAP
USA Monument Valley Arizona/Utah MAP
USA Mexican Hat Monument Valley (Arizona/Utah) MAP
USA New England Spectacular Fall Footage MAP
USA Statue of Liberty What were those French donors ("cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys") thinking of ? MAP
USA Yellowstone major US National Park (Geysers !, bears !) MAP 23Jan18
USA Yosemite Lotsa spectacular granite formations, waterfalls etc MAP 23Jan18
USA Grand Canyon "Big Hole in the Ground" ?! (I walked down twice, from N and S rims) MAP 27Jan18
VIETNAM Halong Bay Neng and I did a 3 day boat trip there in 2016 ; fantastic MAP
VIETNAM Sapa Rugged, lush hill country in NW Vietnam MAP
ZAMBIA Victoria Falls On border of Zambia and Zimbabwe MAP 07Jan18
ZAMBIA Victoria Falls The "Devils Pool" MAP 07Jan18