Some slideshow links to my Picasa WEB page ("Slideshow Album")

Poppa Needs a Wife "Who doesn't ?"
Teenage Wedding "Found a Wife (non-Teenie)"
Jack To a King "Appropriate toon !"
I Got You, Babe "or "We Got Us""
Stand By Your Man "Good advice from Tammy"
Langkawi - 2009 " Fun holiday with Neng"
Walk The Line "Johnny Cash's experience"
Neng : OZ, c2007 "For The Record"
Little Darlin' "Nengs daughter, Hoong"
Colorado 2005 "Pix I took there on a driving hol"
Bali people ; c2007 "Nice gals/guys I befriended"
Bali : 2006/7 "Some hol pix"
Bali : Putu "Runs cafe, Padang Bai"
Vic bushfires : 2003 "Devastating"
Snow Huts : Vic "So different under snow"
Snow Huts : NSW "Most in Kossie National Park"