Some videos, ranging from Wunnerful to Wacky, and Wierd !

AOC - Dancing Queen ! Youngest US Congress-Critter (29) ...
Lisztomania Inspiration for AOC (above)
La Wally aria from "Diva" movie - fantastic
Nessun Dorma Poppas new #1 Gurl ! (Jackie Evancho)
"It Ain't Over ... ... until the "Fat Lady Sings" - unquote
BS! Another Gary (Oldman) echoes my view
Teen-Age Wedding !? "Hokay - it was a 'low-noise' wedding night !"
Ken Lee (1) "What language was that sung in ?" ; 'English !'
Ken Lee (2) Valentina's back - !!
Without You Mariah Carey's version of "Ken Lee"
Without You Nilssons definitive version (1972)
Rafting Madness Somewhere in the Altai mountains ...
The Diamonds I saw them in 1958 in Melb; here they are 50 yrs later
Elena Lev Incredible contortionist with impressive Hula-Hoop tricks
Kayak Kraziness Yes he survived ...
Miss Carolina answers .. giving Blondes a worse rep !
Hitler at the Berghof Colour film in 1944 - Wow! Those Nazis were smart !
F U ! Yes ! you heard me right !
Girls Und Panzers "Let us study the Panzer and grow up to be beautiful, healthy women"
Panzer Leid (1) "To die for Germany is our highest honour!"
Panzer Leid (2) From a 'Gurls-n-Panzer Japanese anime`
Motherly Luv A bonding exercise ? Hoo !
Me-Me-Me A fascinating history ?
Air Swimmers Don't go into the water today !
Wind Turbines So bootiful ! (near my hometown, Albany WA)
Space Oddity Chris Hadfield doing a passable David Bowie imitation
VFT Maeklong - near Bangkok, Thailand