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Holidays : SE-Asia
BALI_2006_Apr Series of BALI hols starts here ...
BALI_2006_Jul Ulu Watu, Tanalot, SEnis kids , Iluh
THAILAND_2006_Nov Phuket - met Neng
BALI_2007_JAN Iluh, Padang Bai, Sami
THAILAND_2007_Mar BKK / Ko Samui / Krabi / Phi-Phi day trip
BALI_2007_May Komang Lisa, Putu, Senis kids, Gede
BALI_2007_Oct Senis kids, Ulu Watu, Padang Bai, Tanalot, Kuta
BALI_2008_Feb Senis kids, Padang Bai, Gedi
BALI_2008_Sep Senis kids, Komang Lisa, Iluh, Kuta
BALI_2009_Aug Kuta, Putus house,
BALI_2009_Jan (inc Lombok ; Sengiggi)
LANGKAWI_2009_Apr V Nice holiday with Neng on this island, NW coast of Malaysia
THAILAND_2009_Sep BKK / Cha Am
BALI_2010_Jan Neng - Kuta, Padang Bai, Tanalot, Ulu Watu
BALI_2010_Jul Sami, Komang Lisa, Padang Bai (Putus house)
BALI_2011_Apr Senis kids, Neng
BALI_2012_Jan CandaDusa, Tirtagangga,
THAILAND_2012_FEB BKK / Chang Mai / Chang Rai / Golden Triangle / Pattaya
THAILAND_2013_Mar BKK / Pattaya / Ko Samet
BALI_2013_Mar Kuta, Padang Bai, Sanur
THAILAND_2013_SEP Krabi (Ao Nang) - and surrounds
THAILAND_2013_SEP_xtra ... more of above
BALI_2013_Dec Wayan & family, Putus house, Iluh, Kuta
BALI_2014_Apr (inc Lombok; Gili Air
THAILAND_2014_Jul BKK / Kaeng Krachan / Hua Hin / Surat Thani / Ao Nang / Nai Yang
BALI_2015_Feb (with Neng) {inc 2 day trip with Iluh}
BALI_2015_Aug {inc 2 day trip with Seni, daughters Anti/Meki plus Sami }
BALI_2016_Jan Kuta, Iluh, Padang Bai, Sanur
BALI_2016_Mar Kuta, CandaDusa, Amed, Padang Bai, Melbourne
THAILAND_2016_APR BKK / Hua Hin / Surat Thani / Nai Yang
VIETNAM_2016_Aug Mostly great 3-day boat trip around Halong Bay
THAILAND-VIETNAM_2016_AUG An enjoyable week with Neng in Vietnam(mostly) ; Halong Bay etc
BALI_2016_Nov Iluh, Anti etc, Padang Bai
THAILAND_2016_DEC Krabi / Ko Lanta / Nai Yang
LANGKAWI-THAILAND_2017_Feb 5 days solo in Langkawi, 9 days in Pattaya/Koh Samet with Neng and Hoong
THAILAND_2017_Mar Small holiday treat for Hoong at Koh Samet
MALAYSIA_2017_MAY 3 days in Penang, 5 days in KL (with Neng), 4 days in Perhentian Islands
THAILAND-CAMBODIA_2017_Jul 4 days at Siem Reap (Cambodia) [ Angkor Wat], then 4 days in Krabi (Thailand
BALI_MALAYSIA_2017_Aug 10 days in Bali, 4 days in Malaysia [GURLS! GURLS!]
CAMBODIA_THAILAND_2017_Jul Especial interest : ANGKOR WAT , Cambodia
THAILAND_2017_Sep Neng with son 'OFF' at Ao Nang for 3 days - (her PIX)
BALI_THAILAND_2017_Nov 9 days in Bali (volcano!) , 6 days in Thailand
THAILAND_2018_Apr A week with Neng and Komang at Ao_Nang / Nai Yang
THAILAND_2018_Sep A week with Neng, Hoong, husband and baby at Hua Hin, Cha-Am
THAILAND_BALI_2018_Nov 8 days in Thailand; 4 days in Bali
MALAYSIA_2019_Feb About a week in Langkawi , then 2 days in KL
BALI_2019_Apr A few days in the Sun
VIETNAM-THAILAND_2019_Jul Vietnam (8 days) , Thailand (6 days) (Burma Railway)
Travels : UK/USA
Cornwall_1994 Bit of the Cornwall/Devon Coastal walk - so purty !
US_BACKPACKING c1980: A few shots around Colorado
Colorado_2005 Had a great time driving around S colorado and meeting old friends
Bairnsdale_2002 a few pix taken a year after I arrived
Bairnsdale_2014 personal stuff; parties and people
Bairnsdale_2012_Show first attended - I was impressed
Bairnsdale_Old_Cars Some of these wrecks worth millyuns !
Bairnsdale_Orchids_2012 Impressive display by local enthusiasts
Bairnsdale_Orchids_2016 ... and again
Bairnsdale_Toy_Run_2013 Local - and other - bikies gather and distribute toys and money for the needy
Bairnsdale_Toy_Run_2014 ... and next year
Bairnsdale_Toy_Run_2015 ... and the next
Greene_St_Stuff More domestic stuff
Bairnsdale Surrounds
ANGUSVALE_2014 Pretty camping area in Mitchell R National Park, 40 ks NW of Bairnsdale
Mac_Springs_2012 A popular bushwalking target; in Vics Great Dividing Range
Bairnsdale_Lake_Tyers Coastal resort about 50 ks East of Bairnsdale; nice for a weekend
Bairnsdale_Billy_Goat_Bend Another nice quiet campsite in Mitchell R National Park
Bairnsdale_Mt_Hotham c2012; Nengs first taste of snow !
Bairnsdale_Mr_Stringy Iconic figure between Bairnsdale and Omeo - painted often by fanatics
OZ_2013_NOV A few days getting hut pix around Swampy Plains (Murray R NSW)
Gippsland Events
Bairnsdale_2007_Floods About every 5 years the Mitchell R floods Big-Time ..
Bushfires_2003 They swept across central Victoria to NSW and caused humungous devastation
HOTHAM_AIR_CRASH 2005: Sombre stuff - hubris involved its alleged
Personal History
GMD_LIFE some pix of previous homes, and cats
Gary_Spring ... in the beginning
Gary_Summer personal pix ; 20 -35
Home Stuff
GREENE_33 Some domestic stuff - for the record
ITS_A_GAS_GAS_GAS Boring record of my home gas installation
NEW some Bairnsdale stuff - inc around home
Sunflowers my collection !
Sunflowers_2014 Some of my homegrown ones - some Huge
Trees I hate trees , esp those whose leaves clog my guttering
Albany WA
Albany_My_Home_Town My Granny said I was born here under a gooseberry bush !
Around_OZ_1988 Sure did like this 10 week bikie trip
WA_1987 Short trip on m/c from Melb to visit my father in Perth
WA_2007_Jan Trip mainly to Albany - supplemented by some (personally) historic pix
WA_2013_Jun Campervan trip around SW of WA
Alpine Huts
Aussie_Snow_Huts A special experience to be up the OZ High Country in Winter
Huts_NSW Alpine huts - NSW (KNP)
Huts_VIC Alpine huts - VIC
Snow_Huts Alpine huts under snow
Canberra_2017_MAR Meeting up again with the Dorrells, briefly in Canberra
Dorrell_2006 Visit by some old friends from UK
Elite_Celebs Invitation By Appointment only !
CRAIG_n_TAHL Tribute to old friends - using their pix!
Neng - OZ
NENG_OZ_2007 Nengs first visit ..
NENG_OZ_2009 ... they continue !
Begonias_Mar_2011 Some shots of the famous Ballarat Begonia Festival
Hasta_Manana Tribute video for Neng and her buddies on the farm
SNOW_SNOW video of Neng in the snow at Mt Hotham
BEAUTIFUL_DREAMER A few videos of Mrs Pumpkin ;-)
Neng - Thailand
NENG_1_OFF Nengs #1 son
NENG_2_BEER Nengs #2 son
NENG_3_HOONG Nengs #1 (and only) daughter
THAILAND_Me_Me Hoong in 'selfie' mood
Gimme_iPOD Hoong at her most acquisitive - OK I encouraged her !
Ratel Not for the squeamish ...
CATS_2016 The New breed of Meow
Cat_Stuff Cats from the past ...
Sleepy_Cats A few marginally funny pix of lazy meows
Snow_Leopards My fav feline
BIN_ENDS Odds and sods
THAI_Dancing Watching Thai Dancing can be very enjoyable
UTube Some arguably interesting Youtube videos here
Video_Pop A few pop videos - mainly Youtube
Sturm_Wind Ah, yes - the Panzers are coming ...
Standby_Poppa Parody on Tammy Winnetts 'Standby Your Main'
Slideshows Gotta be something of interest here ?
Girls_Und_Panzers Cult TV show - I was hooked !
Good_Old_Days Will we ever see them again ?
Hot_Gurls Fantasia
Crazy_Love Some stoopid experimentation - avoid
WILD_THINGS They are watching you ...
Seasonal_Girl I liked the pix ...
HITLER_RANTS Gotta say I luv most of em - YMMV
Fairy_Floss Some stoopid experimentation - avoid